Cell Therapy

All of us, depending on the lifestyle you ‘ve been , the profession we exercise or have exercised and, in general , the level of requirements to which we submit to the agency , we deserve a CELL THERAPY .

The ability to repair organs and cell systems worn over – requirement is within reach with the CELL THERAPY NIEHANS .
This great therapy involves implanting or injecting cell tissue cells from unborn lambs. What is sought is the restoration of cellular function as indispensable for a true regeneration of tissue and organ functions premise. Fetal tissues represent an offer of material and energy sources to provide a prematurely worn bodies depleted by stress or disease , or who already have unmistakable signs of worrying deterioration,
possibility of repair by using tissue – specific organ . This means , for example, to a failure of the liver , liver be implemented , before a kidney , is
implemented before a kidney and heart problems , heart or circulatory system will be implemented .

Traditionally, the most widely used cell combinations are those that point to an overall revitalization . To this end, has a mixture , in a single vial , and therefore with a single implant , the following lyophilized cell tissues :
Fetal placenta ( male or female , as appropriate)

fetal hypothalamus

Fetal testis ( or ovary in women)

Fetal tissue

fetal liver
According to the clinical picture , may be chosen and be added in a timely manner , other cellular tissues.
It is noted that the preparation of the patient is determinant of treatment success. Every patient should stop the consumption of animal protein (including milk, eggs, etc. . ) Two days before the implant and must carry this same protein fasting for two days after implantation .

Of course a proper liver detoxification patient and thorough off the interfering fields , or those that interrupt the smooth flow of energy , are important factors in preparing the patient to warrant CELL THERAPY .
From now on everything depends on the treatment that is given to the patient. The best medicine and the best cell, is devotion and love with which the physician addressed the patient. Each patient is unique , there are no protocols or common denominators.